Aptuso Picture Archiving Communication System – A-PACS (MRI/X-Ray/CT) & DICOM Viewer.

Aptuso PACS (A-PACS) A-DICOM is a complete web viewer solution that delivers fast performance, simple and secure access to imaging results from any device and from any OS, such as an iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, OS X, Windows OS, Linux. Referring physicians, surgeons, clinicians and technologists can view, operate, edit, add patients and study details, clinical reports and images quickly when and where they need it.

DICOM - PACS Server/Client Viewer - WEB Based

Access freedom

Access to the system from any computer or mobile device with Internet connectivity.
Without any limitations regarding to OS, technical parameters and/or model with the same functionalities set by the manufacturer of the Imaging device. The solution has been built for those who prefer to reduce or cut their spendings on the unnecessary licensing policy of the manufacturers.

Single platform

A-PACS eliminates the moments in which doctors are forced to take 5-10 different softwares to review historical patient images and reports. Some of them on-premise, other with limitations of functionalities. A-PACS also reduces the need of using CDs / DVDs.

Communication between doctors

Communication between doctors
A-PACS allows doctors and all other specialists who operate images consult each other in real time using chat and/or video conferencing, further assessment or just to diagnose rare cases and to cut their time.

Integration with any EHR softwares

A-PACS enables full connectivity to information in electronic medical record (EHR/EMR) of the patient. Also with access levels doctors, services or clinics have the ability to remotely access the information they need. Opportunity to exchange health information with other hospitals and health organizations.


Extremely easy to maintain. Software upgrades are centralized, which removes need to updated the application on each computer in the whole structure.

Adaptive design (Responsive)

A-PACS includes a powerful and new generation web interface. The full stack of the functionalities, including configuration and surfing studies can be accessed from any web client via web browser without the need of VPN, regardless of the operating system of the terminal.

Backup and Archive

A-PACS represents the best solution for archive your medical images. A-PACS offers FULL DICOM compliance, high performance, configuration and reliability. Sending and receiving images is easy with A-PACS, through powerful and easy to use WEB-based interface.

DICOM and PACS without barriers

YOU CONTROL the number of users (licenses), your costs for access to information, the cost of storage for larger amounts of data and you have the ability to share important and unusual cases with other experts. With A-PACS you will be holding this ability in your own hands.