There are a lot of telemedicine solutions on the market. But none of them take part of the most advanced healthcare Ecosystem in a combination with pooling on HD video-conferencing, any type of Internet of Things medical devices, electronic medical records and software for preventive information what-if analysis. Each user or patient now has the opportunity to receive the necessary medical care at home, at the office, at the hotel or even on a vacation. Also to the solution provides a mobile station (mobile medical center) to reach places of natural disasters, war zones, rural areas, migrant camps where medical practice is missing or inaccessible.

Aptuso Telemedicine is a fully web-based telemedicine software that cuts the distance between the healthcare providers and the patients. It enables remote clinical healthcare providers to capture and share medical device data in real-time, to participate in a live HD video conference call sharing the documents they need.

The most advanced web-based remote medical exams and diagnostic solution

Regardless of your location - home, office, hotel, vacation what we need is Internet connectivity and a remote medical diagnosis can be fact. Also to the overall system is provided could be "fitted" into a mobile station (mobile medical center) to reach any remote areas like rural areas, areas with natural disasters, war zones, migrant camps and all other such areas where medical practice is missing, inaccessible or very small part of the population can afford.

Integrates with EMRs

Save all information during the telemedicine exam to your EMR including diagnose and ePrescription.

Delivers 100% Live access between a healthcare provider and a patient from any location

Patients and doctors meet each other in virtual hospitals without the need of waiting in line in front of the doctor’s office.

Easy streaming and data exchanging

Integrates with every medical device with an option of connectivity. What is needed – connect properly the medical device.

The sound of you heart and lungs now can be transmitted

Just connect a digital stethoscope to stream live heart/lung sounds to the remote physician.


Save all information during the telemedicine exam to your EMR including diagnose and ePrescription.