The future of healthcare is built on data—data to support population health management (PHM) and analytics to improve outcomes.

Healthcare organizations need the data and analytics necessary to understand the health of their patient population and use that data to better understand how to keep people healthy and efficiency. The use of structured and connected clinical data (SCCD) and the standards that support it is necessary to enable the development and utilization of population health management, translational research, artificial intelligence, and personalized medicine.

Laboratory data is a key driver of evidence-based clinical care and medical decision analysis. Timely (turnaround-time based) availability of this information at the point of service is crucial in an increasingly complex medical environment. Furthermore, the ability to mine for data in order to monitor the health of condition-specific populations and to meet the call for quality reporting relies on a sophisticated repository system that is accessible and flexible, yet secure and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

To effectively perform their role in the future of healthcare, labs will need a strategic, long-term partner, focused on the diagnostic laboratory and the structure of the data it provides. Aptuso’s success comes from our commitments, dedication and focus on the labs and partnering with our customers to deliver, integrate, develop and support the very best lab information systems on the market.

There are several types of databases; however the most common database in healthcare is the connected database. This type data link data sets through the use of tables that organize and define the different data sets. The access to the database is achieved using integrated computer software called connected database management system (CDMS). This software allows users to interact with one or more databases and full access.

A new vision in lab data testing, reporting and analyses (LDTRA) is managing today’s challenges and tomorrow’s awared needs in a rapidly changing global healthcare landscape.

Our vision of connectivity is giving laboratories the tools to address the challenges of the future by making LDTRA simpler, more cost-efficient and more insightful today.

As a key milestone towards our vision, we have developed state-of-the-art technology (Aptuso Connected Lab System – ACLS/Lab information system (LIS)) that consolidates multiple systems in one easy-to-use and fully automated instrument and offers the broadest range of LDTRA services to date in different healthcare areas.

With our innovations, we are helping to remove uncertainty from healthcare, providing fast answers to patients’ most pressing questions, and saving providers' money without compromising environmental impact reduction goals.