Aptuso Hospital Information System (HIS)

Aptuso HIS is a revolutionary system that has gathered the world's best hospital management practices at a price that provides fastest return on investment.

The system covers all aspects of management and operations of small, medium and large hospitals and gives the opportunity to operate with the solution just like a baby plays with color cubes. Aptuso HIS is not like the
market-known systems. The design of Aptuso HIS is a combination of complexity of the functionalities with user-friendly interface, scalability, multi-platformance and effectiveness.

Features in brief

Web-based HIS

An entirely web-based hospital information system

Best hospital management practices

Aptuso HIS is a revolutionary system that has collects the best hospital management practices at a price that provides the fastest return of investment using advanced SaaS model.

Access to automate complex tasks

Our main focus is to access to automate complex tasks, working processes and accurate information. That's way doctors and healthcare professionals can now afford to spend more time focused on patient care, well-being and expansion on access to the services they get.

Flexible, scalable for large-scale activities

The system is flexible, scalable and carries the potential about supporting large-scale activities. It was built to quickly provide complex types of reports, suitable for easy personalization, intuitive visualizations and interactive graphics that simplify the hardly accessible data.

Broad spectrum

Aptuso HIS was designed to cover a broad spectrum - from the processes in a hospital to the administration, management and development of the institution.

Worldwide established hospital models

The system is based on worldwide established hospital models and includes the best health practices - designed to deliver tangible benefits to its customers not only locally but also internationally.

Analyse huge population databases

Ability to analyse small, medium and huge population databases also groups with specific features, different structures to provide information about illnesses and various relations for certain cases of the population in order to prevent spreading of diseases.

Core HIS Modules

Registration and Administration

Electronic Patient Management


Doctors Appointment / Scheduling

Operation Theatre

Blood Bank

Laboratory / Radiology




Inpatient Diatery and Kitchen Management


Warehouse Management

Finances and Accounting / Patient Cost

Reports and Analysis

Main utilities

  1. Access to the right information, automate complex tasks and workflow is our focus. So doctors and all medical professionals can now afford to spend more time concentrated on patient care and expand the access for services to them.
  2. The system offers unparalleled flexibility, scalability and unleash the potential of large-scale activities. It is organized quickly and from anywhere to provide complex types of reports and is made for easy customization, intuitive and visual interactive graphics that simplify complex, hidden and inaccessible data.
  3. We are Aptuso and believe that every hospital is unique in terms their requirements and priorities. Therefore, flexibility is the pattern in which our system is structured to meet all the needs that arise in everyday its activity.
  4. Aptuso HIS is intended to cover a wide range processes in hospitals, their administration, Management and Development.
  5. The system was built on the world's hospital models and includes best health practices - designed to deliver
    key tangible benefits to customers, both locally and globally.
  6. Analyzing of small, medium and huge databases of population group with the specifics of individual structures and providing
    about the disease and different relations for certain accidents of population in order to prevent disease.