Electronic Medical Record

Through electronic health/medical record, patients will now have personal and family health information. Through innovative system, patients now have a history of every single treatment, examination, maintain a history of any approved drug to keep the story of his life, etc. Using the system, users will be able to participate in the management of their health and treatment.

It is possible to enter the following information for each patient and user

Personal details

Personal data and contact details, details of health insurance (mainly voluntary and mandatory) data on blood group, height, weight, birth weight, bad habits, etc .;

Data on doctors

Personal and professional data - names, addresses, specialties, etc., directly responsible for its monitoring;

Data related to patients emergencies

Individual extreme health values and factors correlation;

Emergency contacts

Family, friends, guardians and others (name, affiliation, address, telephone). Also health contact in an emergency: doctors involved in the patient - GPs, specialists and etc. (name, specialty, address, phone);

Blood type

Type, Rh, tested on a date source of information, additional information;

Blood transfusion

How often has so far, on what date was blood transfusion, which is the blood product has been used by medical officer that committed a transfusion adverse reactions;

Risk factors

Risk category, a description of risk period (if applicable), a person identified risk;

Placed far diagnoses related to emergencies

Date of placement, diagnosis, ICD Code status (current definitive diagnosis) performed by a physician, health professional - specialty;


Date of placement, implant performed by a doctor, medical professional - specialty;


Date of first diagnosis, type of allergen (medicines, home, dust, etc.), specific allergen (eg. Analgin ...), the diagnosis made by a physician, health professional - specialty;

Current medicines

Date drug status therapy prescribed by physician specialty.

Summary of events related to the provision of health care, namely

Health problems

A list of diseases, acute and chronic in history, allergies, surgery, implants, immunizations and more;


Information for made medical examination containing data from outpatient lists with options for different views and layout - chronology, a doctor, the type of review in specialties in diagnoses and more.

Preventive examinations

Data carried out based on preventive examinations and health status of the patient. What-if analysis.

Laboratory tests

Hematology, clinical chemistry, microbiology, virology, histology, cytology, etc. (currently there is evidence of the types of research but not results).

Also, the users are able to send messages to their doctors associated with their status. Access to a schedule options of possible future examinations. WEB-based EHR/EMR system offers connectivity to devices that can be used by patients or users of the system for better living status, prevention for health and people who need tho observe their daily functionality. In addition everyone can have access to information and medical devices, patients and end users have the information anywhere and anytime.

To the innovative system has a communication protocol, that easily and seamlessly connects with external systems. In this way, each user will be able quickly and easily to export and / or import the data needed for its diagnosis.

Aptuso EMR/EHR features

  1. Complete information and history of the patient with ability to add Images
  2. Patients portal
  3. Management and history of all manipulations, prescribed medications, effects, etc
  4. Laboratory analysis
  5. Electronic prescription
  6. Management of patient’s treatment
  7. Live calendar
  8. Generating and marking specific instructions for the patient
  9. Notifying for preventive activities, specific dosing of medications and specific warnings
  10. Integration with any medical device (Capable to connect)
  11. Real time reports, analyzes and What-If Analysis
  12. Covering all standard requirements of HL7
  13. All data in the files is secured and protected